What We Do

Identify cats for TNR

Individuals call or email us to request Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) for feral cats in their area. Clients complete a caregiver application to enter the HCC program. They are asked to commit to feed and care for the cat or colony after TNR is completed. An application must be submitted and approved before a cat can be spayed or neutered under HCC auspices.

Local shelters and veterinarians also make referrals. In addition, the HCC team proactively identifies community locations where TNR could help free-roaming cats.


HCC has special traps designed for humane, effective cat trapping. HCC trains clients and volunteers in safe cat handling and how to use the trap, and may loan trap(s) to clients. A deposit is required.


Each trapped cat is transported as soon as possible to a participating veterinary clinic. Clients provide their own cat transportation, or in some cases, HCC volunteers drive, especially to Austin.


Several area veterinarians offer significantly discounted rates for spay/neuter of feral cats through HCC. Note: An HCC Caregiver Agreement form must be completed and approved in advance to receive discounted rates. HCC volunteers also take cats to the Austin Humane Society Feral Cat Clinic.

At the participating facility, cats are surgically sterilized and receive a rabies shot. They also receive a mandatory ear tip (snip off the left ear under anesthesia, painless to the cat) to signify that the cat has been altered.

Post-surgery care

Cats are usually discharged the same or next day, and they remain caged for another 24 hours, under a volunteer’s care, to be sure recovery is progressing normally.

Return to habitat

After recovery, sterilized cats are released to their usual habitat, often in a colony with other free-roaming cats.

Ongoing care

A volunteer caregiver continues to feed and care for each sterilized cat for the rest of its natural life. HCC provides education and consultation on colony management.

Public awareness

HCC educates the public about free-roaming (feral) cat control and Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR).

Want more information?

Please browse our site to learn more, then call 830-598-9883 or email hillcountrycats@yahoo.com. Our services coordinator and trained volunteers will be happy to help you!

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