Hill Country Cats has many volunteer opportunities for people who love cats and want to help.

Our greatest needs are for trappers, drivers, and caregivers:


We train volunteer trappers in safe and effective use of humane traps designed especially to capture feral cats. Then you may trap on your own property, in your neighborhood (with neighbors’ permission), or elsewhere in Burnet and Llano counties where people have requested HCC services. At this time, trappers are especially needed in the cities of Llano, Burnet, and Marble Falls. Trapping is a good activity for people who want to be hands-on with cats and are able to lift and carry a trapped cat (up to 25 pounds including trap). Trapping may be a one-time activity or an ongoing commitment.


Volunteer drivers transport trapped cats from their pre-surgery holding location to the veterinary clinic where they receive spay/neuter surgery, and back again. Destinations include participating clinics in Burnet and Llano counties as well as the Austin Humane Society Feral Cat Clinic. Local runs are done as needed, by drivers willing to be on call; Austin runs occur 2-3 times a month and are pre-scheduled. Travel costs are reimbursed by HCC. Driving is less hands-on than trapping, but does require the ability to lift and carry a trapped cat. For Austin runs, a van or SUV with enough enclosed cargo space to hold six or more traps is a plus.


Volunteer caregivers provide food, water, and other ongoing care for colonies of cats that have been sterilized and returned to their habitat. Caregivers provide for cats on their own property, for colonies in their neighborhood or town that have no other caregiver, or both. Caregiving is a long-term, daily, hands-on commitment for the natural life of the cats. HCC may be able to help with the cost of food.

Other volunteer opportunities include administrative and public education

Administrative Assistant

Help our Services Coordinator and volunteer leaders with record-keeping, errands, event planning, correspondence, and other behind-the-scenes work that keeps the HCC organization running. Generally not hands-on with cats; could be a one-time task or ongoing responsibility.

Public Education

Join the HCC speakers bureau (we provide the script), help identify community organizations that would like an HCC speaker, staff HCC’s booth at community events, write or design public education materials, participate on our Facebook page. One-time or ongoing.

To learn more, call 830-598-9883 or email hillcountrycats@yahoo.com. Tell us your interest, talent, and availability, and we’ll find a volunteer job that’s right for you!

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