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The Hill Country Cats sales booth at Chique, Unique, & Antique, open since July, is a hit with shoppers and donors alike. Thanks to you, our little store has already grossed more than $425 to support our Trap/Neuter/Return mission. With holiday shopping just around the corner, drop by soon and often at 900 Avenue Q behind The Real New Orleans Restaurant in Marble Falls. You’ll love our ever-changing selection of knitted apparel, cat toys, gently-used home decor, and more. Find a treasure to give or keep, and support HCC at the same time!

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HCC milestone: TNR for 8,000 cats in ten years image

Hill Country Cats reached a milestone in mid-February when we provided Trap/Neuter/Return for cat #8000 (shown above in a humane trap, awaiting his date with the veterinarian). We began providing TNR services in May 2006 and sterilized about 150 cats in the first year. Since then, the number of sterilizations each year has increased steadily to a record 1,322 in 2015. HCC founder Alice Rudenstein says, “I never dreamed that Hill Country Cats would be so successful. We have grown tremendously with the help of great volunteers, public education, and support of our local municipalities and county officials. As a result, thousands of free-roaming cats are healthy, cared for, and not reproducing. Through natural attrition and fewer kittens, the number of neighborhood cats has decreased.” Hill ...

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Summer TNR Success Story image

This email exchange took place this summer between an HCC client and an HCC volunteer/master trapper. It’s a great example of the many people involved in the TNR process and how it changes lives, both human and feline. July 28 Client: The [local vet clinic] suggested I contact you. There is a colony of at least eight feral cats/kittens that could use some rescue/assistance. For the past year I’ve been providing some food/water about 3 days a week, when I’m out bicycling. The rest of the time they forage and dumpster dive. I think other people feed them on occasion. Recently, four 3-month-old kittens have also appeared. My thinking is that the kittens are the ones most needing rescue. The others could ...

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Two big food donations received in July image

Hill Country Cats received two large shipments of donated cat food in July. Thanks to generous supporters of The Rescue Bank (San Antonio affiliate) and RescueMagazine, we now have almost five hundred pounds of dry food on hand. This will help us feed cats awaiting or recovering from sterilization surgery, as well as those in colonies being managed by HCC volunteers. Please check out these two great organizations that help many shelters, rescues, and TNR organizations carry out their animal welfare missions. We also appreciate our volunteers who picked up the donations. If you are an HCC colony manager and need some cat food, email or call 830-598-9883 to make arrangements to pick up a few bags. Many brands and sizes are ...

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Hill Country Cats sets local TNR record in first quarter of 2015 image

A mass trapping at a Kingsland apartment complex in late January 2015 was a success. Despite rainy weather, ten ferals ventured into our safe, humane traps and were transported the following day to the Austin Humane Society’s Feral Cat Clinic for low-cost spay/neuter surgery and rabies shots. Along with other cats trapped elsewhere, a total of 28 free-roaming cats were sterilized in just that one Austin trip. The pace continued in February and March for a total of over 400 cats fixed in the first three months of 2015, a new HCC record. Thanks to our volunteers – we couldn’t do it without them!

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