Hill Country Cats reached a milestone in mid-February when we provided Trap/Neuter/Return for cat #8000 (shown above in a humane trap, awaiting his date with the veterinarian). We began providing TNR services in May 2006 and sterilized about 150 cats in the first year. Since then, the number of sterilizations each year has increased steadily to a record 1,322 in 2015.

HCC founder Alice Rudenstein says, “I never dreamed that Hill Country Cats would be so successful. We have grown tremendously with the help of great volunteers, public education, and support of our local municipalities and county officials. As a result, thousands of free-roaming cats are healthy, cared for, and not reproducing. Through natural attrition and fewer kittens, the number of neighborhood cats has decreased.”

Hill Country Cats board president Melissa Eddy adds, “Alice’s vision, persistence, and dedication have inspired all our volunteers to do heroic TNR work. Research suggests that by sterilizing over 8,000 cats, Hill Country Cats has prevented the births of tens of thousands more. Trap/Neuter/Return does make a difference.”

The proven Trap/Neuter/Return process – safe capture, spay or neuter surgery, and return to habitat – stops the reproductive cycle and promotes healthy feral colonies.  Every cat sterilized in HCC’s program also receives a rabies vaccination. Most are returned to their outdoor habitat, where they are cared for by volunteer colony managers and serve as natural vermin control. Some that can be socialized are offered for adoption or as barn cats.

Spring is peak mating season for feral cats, so now is the time to get them fixed! Anyone in Burnet or Llano counties may contact us for consultation and TNR assistance. Donations are requested to help defray expenses, but services are offered regardless of ability to pay. For more information, call 830-598-9883.